• CTA’s (calls to action) to Include in Your Posts!

    –  Follow me on Twitter –  Like my Facebook fan page –  Listen to my new track on SoundCloud –  Check out this discussion on my blog and join in on the conversation –  Invite your audience to socialise at a launch party/bar or come to a group    activity –  Send a survey and have…
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  • Email Music Marketing Tips!

    1. Consistency – pick a day and time every month to begin with and as you become more    confident and clear on your ‘point of view’ you can send them more frequently. 2. Your Audience – remember to make your newsletters about your audience, people always want to know what’s in it for them – so make it…
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  • Twitter Tricks & Tips!

    Twitter is a great platform to help you build your brand and to help connect you with your tribe. Your tribe can interact with you in real time and in a direct manner. So here are some Twitter Tricks and Tips for you! Tweet 3 times per day. Tweets go by very quickly, so you…
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  • Three Things Every Great Blog Post Should Include!

    1. Have a socials sharing-button with each blog post. So people can share it to many other sites. 2. Make sure to leave your commenting on. And don’t worry, you can always delete comments if you choose to. 3. Have a sign-up to your newsletter on your blog. This is a great way of building…
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  • Top Four Facebook Advertising Tips!

    1.    You can ‘boost’ your posts 2.    You can let facebook run your adds all day if you choose to, or you can choose which days   & which hours you want Facebook to serve your adds. 3.    You can add video/images and text copy to your add. 4.    You can…
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